On March 20th, 2023, the FlyRadius technical team completed the transition of the FlyRadius to new underlying infrastructure. Along with the infrastructure improvements, the FlyRadius site also received a design makeover with a new and more modern theme.

The FlyRadius team worked closely with our parent company, NavFile, to plan and carry out the migration of the software and infrastructure that the site runs on. NavFile recently carried out a site infrastructure change similar to the one that FlyRadius just finished. With the knowledge that NavFile gained from that migration, the FlyRadius team was able to complete the transition with minimal downtime to any of our services.

A major component of the upgrade was the need to migrate the photo thumbnail solution that we use to display smaller versions images on our site. With over 400 pages that needed to be migrated to the new version, the team was able to develop a code migration solution to speed up the move to the new solution.

Visitors to the site will now experience a more modern and cleaner looking site with faster page loading times. FlyRadius expects that the speed improvements will allow our international audience to have a better experience with the site no matter where they are in the world.

The Old FlyRadius Site Screenshot

Above: The old FlyRadius Site before March 19th, 2023