Introducing Boeing 747-400 Freighter Cargo Charters

FlyRadius now has Boeing 747-400 Charters available from our Aviation Services division. The FlyRadius team is here to help move your cargo across international borders. Our team is actively working with several airlines to help our clients find cargo flights.

Air cargo charters are becoming hard to find as shipping constraints via land, sea, and air continue to affect the global economy. FlyRadius is working with companies that can provide charters on their Boeing 747 aircraft. Rates have risen significantly and may continue to rise as availability continues to drop. We can get your cargo moving on a charter flight, however.

We have access to the Boeing 747-400BCF (Boeing Converted Freighter) and the Boeing 747-400P2F (Passenger to Freighter). Both can carry 650 Cubic Meters or 320 Cubic Meters, respectively. The BCF version has a traditional cargo interior, while the P2F version still has the passenger cabin without the seats.

For either cargo aircraft, we can work on securing a per flight or long-term contract for the routes that you need.

You can learn more about our Boeing 747 air cargo charter options on this page.

A Boeing 747-400BCF Freighter Air Cargo on the Ground

Above is a Boeing 747-400BCF on the ground in Luxembourg. Photo enhanced by FlyRadius and originally by Peter Bakema on Wikimedia Commons. Photo released under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.

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