FlyRadius has completed a company reorganization where operations are now split into two divisions. The company will now operate with Research and Marketing and Aviation Services as the new divisions. FlyRadius expects that the reorganization will help the firm operate more efficiently and drive more innovation from the company.

Research and Marketing will handle the operation of the FlyRadius website and all of the firm’s online outlets. The division will also be in charge of the research that FlyRadius uses to provide information on aircraft and for its Aviation Services clients.

Aviation Services will provide FlyRadius’ services that help companies and individuals connect with the aviation industry. The division has seen significant growth that has allowed it to expand into the cargo aircraft charter market and ACMI leasing services. The reorganization will allow the division to focus on significant growth that it has planned for the year.

With the reorganization into two divisions, the organization expects that it will prepare the company to handle the growth that is expected in 2022. “FlyRadius has grown significantly since the beginning of 2021. I fully expect that this reorganization will allow our company to build momentum with our current initiatives and focus on achieving strong growth at our Aviation Services division," says David Aughinbaugh II, FlyRadius’ Strategy Analyst.

With the aviation industry changing rapidly in response to the effects of the COVID situation, FlyRadius’ two divisions are focused on helping organizations find the solutions they need to navigate the new and changing business climate.