FlyRadius Goes Full https with SSL TLS

Today the FlyRadius site was switched over to full https support. All of our pages now have full SSL/TLS encrypted connections. You will now notice that the address bar in your browser now features https://. Some very old browsers and operating systems will not be able to see our site fully or may not be able to access our site at all as a result of the switch. Our new https address/URL is

https TLS and SSL Logo

Secure Socket Layer and its successor, Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) is a protocol that allows connections to be secure and private. By moving to full secure connections your connection to the site is now secured. On a technical note, our site does not support SSL as it has been replaced by TLS. SSL is still commonly used to describe the connection, however.

This move marks our first move as we plan to begin upgrades and regular updates to the site.

As 2017 comes to a close, FlyRadius will be lining up to prepare to take off and feature new and updated content. More information will be provided in a future news post.

About Us
FlyRadius is an online information website that provides seeks to enhance the availability of detailed aviation information. We focus on providing information on various aircraft programs.