FlyRadius now has Airbus A310-300 Freighters available for cargo charters from our cargo affiliates. The aircraft are based in Europe; however, they can operate worldwide. If you need a dedicated cargo aircraft in Europe or the Middle East, the Airbus A310F is a great option.

Quick Specifications

The aircraft has 265 cubic meters or 9,358 cubic feet of cargo space and can carry up to 39,860 kilograms or 87,876 pounds. The main deck cargo door is 358 x 256 centimeters or 140 x 100 inches (11.67 feet x 8.33 feet). The maximum range for the Airbus A310-300F is 7,650 kilograms or 4,504 nautical miles. With those capabilities, the A310F can carry large amounts of cargo to destinations around the world.

With cargo capacity extremely limited across air, land, and sea transportation options, the is great opportunity to get your shipments delivered on time and improve cash flow.

Our Aviation Services team is handling all bookings for the aircraft. Please reach out to us by email or phone here to learn more and get your cargo on an Airbus A310 Freighter.

A Airbus A310 Freighter with FedEx Cargo (Airbus A310-200)

Above is a FedEx Airbus A310 taking off from an airport. Photo enhanced by FlyRadius and originally by Montague Smith on Wikimedia Commons. Photo released under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.

Other Cargo Options

If you need a bigger aircraft, we can help to get your cargo shipped on a Boeing 747-400 Freighter. If you are looking for a different type of cargo aircraft, our aviation team can help also. We can help locate a solution for a cargo aircraft charter or ACMI lease.

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