The Mooney M20TN aircraft is the Mooney Acclaim Type S or "regular" Acclaim airplane. "M20TN" is the official model name for the Acclaim Type S. M20TN is used by aviation regulators, like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to identify the aircraft. If you are looking at FAA reports, M20TN will be shown as the Mooney Acclaim Type S's name. M20T is the ICAO code that is used for the aircraft. The M20T code covers a variety of the Mooney aircraft, including the Acclaim.

The M20TN is a single engine piston airplane that is built by Mooney International Corp. Mooney International is the new company that was set up to acquire the assets of the Mooney Aircraft Company. The company brought the M20TN back into production in 2014. The Mooney M20TN is known for its speed and performance. To learn more about the aircraft visit the Mooney Acclaim Type S main page or visit the specific pages listed below.

Mooney M20TN: This is our main page that has an overview of the aircraft.
Mooney M20TN Specifications - Dimensions: Here you can learn more about the specifications and dimensions of the piston engine airplane.
Mooney M20TN Price: This page has an overview on the pricing history of the aircraft and the current price.
Mooney M20TN Performance: This article has details on the performance of the airplane.
Mooney M20TN For Sale: Here you can learn about M20TN's for sale and more.
Mooney M20TN Cockpit - Flight Deck Avionics: This page has an overview on the cockpit and avionics system in the aircraft.
Mooney M20TN Engine - Continental TISO-550-G: Located here is information on the engine that the aircraft has.
Mooney M20TN Interior - Cabin: This page has information on the cabin of the aircraft and what to expect in the interior.
Mooney M20TN Training: Located on this page are details on the providers of training for the M20TN airplane.
Mooney M20TN Videos: We have posted some the best videos we could find for the aircraft on this page.
Mooney M20TN Range: This page goes over the range of the aircraft and has a range map from Dallas, Texas for the airplane.

Mooney M20TN Aircraft Photo

Above Mooney M20TN photo by Robert Frola on Wikimedia Commons. Photo released under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.