There are a few companies / organizations providing Mooney Acclaim Type S Training. Mooney International provides training for the Mooney Acclaim Type S at their location in Kerrville, Texas. On February 2nd, 2015 the company redesigned the training program to be more current. The new program was designed using the FAA Industry Training Standards (FITS) and is also more aligned to teach the features of Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA). The Acclaim Type S has the Garmin G1000 avionics suite and the new program should cover this system. An important part of Mooney Acclaim Type S training is learning the flight characteristics of the aircraft to ensure safe flight. The Acclaim Type S is a high performance aircraft and it may take some training to get used to it.

Another organization providing Mooney Acclaim Training is the Mooney Aircraft Pilots Association (MAPA). MAPA is providing flight training for most of the Mooney aircraft for their members. They usually hold training courses six times a year.

If you or your company provides Mooney Acclaim Type S training, contact our Aviation Resources Team to get listed here as a training provider.

Also note that the Mooney Acclaim Type S does not require "officially" require specific training to fly, however it is recommended that you become familiar with the aircraft with a flight instructor. The Mooney Acclaim Type S does not require a type rating as it is not in the category of aircraft that require a type rating.

Mooney Acclaim Type S Training Photo

Above Mooney Acclaim Type S training page photo by Frank Schwichtenberg on Wikimedia Commons. Photo released under a Creative Commons License.