The Mooney Acclaim Type S is a high performance aircraft that has outstanding range. Mooney Acclaim Type S range varies with payload weight and if additional fuel tanks are installed. The Mooney Acclaim can fly up to 1,445 nautical miles (nm) with standard fuel tanks. If the Acclaim has optional fuel tanks installed, the range of the aircraft increases to 1,852 nautical miles. The Mooney Acclaim Type S has one of the best ranges of any aircraft in its class. Below is an overview on the range and a range map for the aircraft.

  • Long Range with Standard Fuel Tanks: 1,445 Nautical Miles
  • Long Range with Optional Fuel Tanks: 1,852 Nautical Miles

Below is a Mooney Acclaim Type S Range map from Dallas Love Field (KDAL) in Dallas, Texas. It shows both ranges on the map.

Mooney Acclaim Type S Range Map

Also note that the Mooney Acclaim Type S is also called the Mooney M20TN and thus this information could be referred to as the Mooney M20TN range.