Mooney is known for its focus on performance. The Mooney Acclaim Type S and the original Mooney Acclaim continue with the company's history of high performance aircraft. The Mooney Acclaim Type S performance is one the best, if not the best in its class. The Mooney Acclaim Type S has the highest top speed (242+ Knots at 25,000 feet) of any single engine piston aircraft produced. At 16,000 feet the Acclaim Type S can fly at a speed of 220 knots. The Mooney Acclaim Type S is fast, however is also great in other performance categories. Range for the Acclaim is 1,445 nautical miles with the standard tanks and 1,852 nautical miles with optional fuel tanks installed. The Acclaim Type S aircraft's range performance is once again among the best for a single engine piston airplane. Fuel Burn for the Mooney Acclaim Type S is also very good. At a "Best Power setting" The Acclaim Type S burns around 0.09 gallons of 100 LL every nautical mile (gal/nm) or travels 11 nautical miles for every gallon (MPG / NMPG). The Mooney Acclaim Type S fuel burn / consumption is 20.3 gallons per hour with 2,400 RPM, 220 Knots speed at 16,000 feet with International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) conditions. At 25,000 feet the Acclaim Type S burns about 21 gallons per hour with a speed around 241 knots / 2,500 RPM. At the Best Economy setting, the Mooney Acclaim Type S fuel consumption is 0.08 gallons per nautical mile and 12.22 nautical miles per gallon. This is based on a 215 knot speed, 2,400 RPM at 16,000 feet, ISA conditions. The Mooney Acclaim is certainly one of the best performing single engine piston airplanes available.

Below is an overview of the performance specifications of the Acclaim Type S. More specifications are located here.

  • Mooney Acclaim Type S Top Speed: 242 Knots
  • Regular Mooney Acclaim Top Speed: 236 Knots
  • Cruise Speed at 16,000 Feet 220 Knots

Max Operating Altitude: 25,000 Feet (FL250)
Rate Of Climb At Sea Level (Max Weight): 1,375 Feet Per Minute

Fuel Burn: around 12 to 20 gallons per hour (GPH) depending on conditions. (see above for example).

Takeoff Distance

  • Takeoff Distance at Sea Level with Max Weight: 1,380 Feet
  • Takeoff Distance with 50 Foot Obstacle (Regular Mooney Acclaim): 1,620 Feet

Mooney Acclaim Type S Range:

Long Range with Standard Fuel Tanks: 1,445 Nautical Miles
Long Range with Optional Fuel Tanks: 1,852 Nautical Miles

Engine Performance Ratings

  • Maximum Continuous Power: 280 brake horsepower (BHP) at 2500 RPM (revolutions per minute)
  • Recommended Cruise Power: 262 BHP at 2500 RPM

Airspeed Limits Specifications (V Speeds)
IAS = Indicated Airspeed

  • Maneuvering: 127 knots IAS or 146 mph
  • Never exceed : 195 knots IAS or 225 mph
  • Flaps extended: 110 knots IAS or 127 mph
  • Landing Gear retraction: 106 knots IAS or 122 mph
  • Landing Gear extension: 140 knots IAS or 161 mph
  • Landing Gear extended: 165 knots IAS or 190 mph
  • Max. structural cruising: 174 knots IAS or 200 mph

KIAS = Knots Indicated Airspeed. KCAS = Knots Calibrated Airspeed

  • Vx Best Climb Angle 85 KIAS
  • VY Best Rate of Climb 104 KIAS
  • VFE Max Speed Flaps Fully Extended: 110 KIAS or 111 KCAS
  • VLE Max Landing Gear Extended Speed: 164 KIAS or 166 KCAS
  • VLO Landing Gear Operating Max Speed: Extend 140 KIAS Retract: 106 KIAS
  • Maximum Pilot Window Open Speed: 133 KIAS or 132 KCAS

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Mooney Acclaim Type S Performance Photo

Above Mooney Acclaim Type S photo by Robert Frola on Wikimedia Commons. Photo relased under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.

The Mooney Acclaim Type S performance may also be called the Mooney M20TN performance because "M20TN" is the official model name of the aircraft.