The interior of the Mooney Acclaim Type S can seat up to four people, including the pilot. In comparison to other aircraft, the Mooney Acclaim Type S interior is small. The width of the cabin is 43.5 inches. Even though the cabin of the Acclaim Type S is small, it can seat two to four persons comfortably. Also with more persons seated in the cabin, there is more weight, which will decrease the range of the Acclaim aircraft. The Mooney Acclaim Type S is primarily known for its performance and there is some trade off between the interior / cabin size and performance.

The Mooney Acclaim Type S Cabin has some great features that help support its utility role. The main piece of equipment in the cabin, that is important to pilots, is the Garmin G1000 avionics suite. More on this avionics system can be found on our Mooney Acclaim Type S Cockpit - Avionics page. The interior of the Acclaim Type S has four leather seats. The front seats have armrests, while the two rear seats have side armrests. Both the front and rear seats recline and have headrests. The pilot and copilot seats (front seats) are vertically adjustable (up and down). An inertia reel shoulder harness is used as the seat belt for the front seats, while a regular shoulder harness seat belt is used for the rear seat belts. The front seat belts / harnesses have the AMSAFE inflatable airbag seat belt as standard equipment for safety. The AMSAFE seat belts are available as an option for the rear seats. The rear seats are also removable, increasing cargo space. There are also cup holders in the cabin. A heating system with windshield defrost is included in the cabin. There are seven air vents. The cabin is also sound dampened to help improve quietness in the interior.

Optional Interior Equipment:
The Mooney Acclaim Type S has some optional interior equipment: Oxygen, Bose headset connections and air conditioning.

Oxygen in the Mooney Acclaim Interior
The Mooney site is showing the Oxygen system is optional, however in previous publications the 77.1 cubic feet system was standard. It may still be standard. The larger capacity 115.7 cubic feet system was optional on the Acclaim Type S. The oxygen system covers all four seats.

Air Conditioning
The air conditioning system is optional equipment for the aircraft. It can be operated in a fan only mode with high and low speeds and a cooling mode with lo or max speeds.

Bose Headset Connections
The Acclaim previously has Bose headset connections and Bose headsets included at no additional cost. On the Mooney site it says that it is an option, however it is likely still included as standard.

Mooney Acclaim Type S Interior and Cabin Photo

Above Acclaim Type S interior photo by Robert Frola on Wikimedia Commons. Photo released under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.

The Mooney Acclaim Type S interior or cabin is also called the Mooney M20TN interior or cabin, as M20TN is the Acclaim's model name.