Mooney Acclaim Type S Engine - Continental TSIO-550-G

The Mooney Acclaim Type S Engine is the Continental Motors TSIO-550-G series piston engine. The Acclaim Type S can use a variety of the TSIO-550-G engines that include the: TSIO-550-G(1), -G(2), -G(3), -G(4) and -G(5). The Continental engine for the Acclaim is different from the other "G" base series engines. Also the TSIO-550-G is similar to all of the other 550 series engines. The Acclaim piston engine is a six cylinder engine that produces up to 280 Brake Horsepower (BHP) with twin turbochargers and dual intercoolers. The engine is not actually turbocharged, however it is turbo-normalized.

The Mooney Acclaim Type S Engine is Turbonormalized
In a turbo-normalized engine, the turbochargers are limited to only the pressure that is obtained at sea level (approximately). Turbonormalizing an engine helps reduce wear and excess heat at higher altitudes and the engine does not have to be redesigned to incorporate turbochargers, in comparison to turbocharging. The benefit of turbo-normalizing is that it is allows the engine to operate at sea level atmosphere above sea level. This helps the Mooney Acclaim Type S fly at high altitudes, up to 25,000 feet. Also the word is interchangeably spelled: turbo-normalized or turbonormalized. It seems that most are using "turbonormalized" (without the dash) as the format of choice.

Mooney Acclaim Type S Engine Specifications Continental TSIO-550-G(1), -G(2), -G(3), -G(4), -G(5):

  • Engine Type: 6HOA
  • Engine Limits: 2500 RPM, 280 BHP. Can run at 280 BHP up to 20,000 feet.
  • Fuel: 100 LL or 100 min-grade aviation gasoline (Avgas)
  • Time Between Overhaul - TBO: 2,200 hours
  • Bore and Stroke: 5.25 X 4.25 Inches
  • Displacement: 552 Cubic Inches
  • Compression Ratio: 7.5:1
  • Weight: 442 pounds (Basic Engine & Dry)
  • Propeller Shaft: Special Integral Flange 4-7/8 in. O.D. with six 1/2 in. bolt holes in 4 in. diameter circle
  • Fuel Injection: CMI Injection system
  • Oil Sump Capacity: 8 Quarts. 5 Quarts usable at 16° nose up and 4.5 Quarts usable at 10° nose down attitudes.

Mooney Acclaim Engine TSIO-550-G

Other Engine Features:

  • Dual Magneto Ignition, Shielded Ignition Harness
  • Tuned Induction System
  • Lightweight Electric Starter
  • Re-Usable Air Filter
  • Constant Speed, Three Blade Propeller With Polished Spinner
  • Fuel Injection System
  • Full-Flow Oil Filter
  • Alternate Air Induction System
  • Dyna-Focal Engine Mounts
  • Oil Quick Drain
  • Sound-Dampening Composite Interior

Mooney Acclaim Type S Engine Diagram

Above Acclaim Type S engine photos by Continental Motors. Used under the fair use provision.

The Mooney Acclaim Type S engine may also be called the Mooney M20TN engine because M20TN is the model name of the aircraft.