HondaJet Training

HondaJet Training

Honda Aircraft selected FlightSafety International to be the official HondaJet Training provider in 2007. FlightSafety is working on putting the HondaJet training programs together with the Honda Aircraft Company. FlightSafety is projecting that their HondaJet training programs will be available by the middle/end of 2012. FlightSafety will have HondaJet training for both mechanics and pilots. FlightSafety will also build the simulators for the HondaJet. More training providers will also start their HondaJet training programs once the HondaJet is certified by the FAA and is reviewed by the Flight Standardization Board (FSB).

We will post more information on HondaJet training once the HondaJet gets closer to it's entry into service date.

HondaJet Training is also referred to as the Honda Jet Training, HA-420 Training and the HDJT Training.

HondaJet Training Photo

Above HondaJet Training Photo by Honda News on Flickr. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.