HondaJet Range and HondaJet Fuel Consumption

The Hondajet range is 1,180 nautical miles (1,358 statute miles) under IFR flight rules. The HondaJet Range is not final at this point beacuse the HondaJet is in flight testing. The Honda Aircraft Company is currently preparing the HondaJet for it's first delivery, scheduled in 2012. When the HondaJet aircraft is first delivered, the final HondaJet Range numbers will become available.

Here is the full information on the HondaJet Range capabilties in VFR and IFR flight rules from the Honda Aircraft Company:
HondaJet VFR Range¹: 1400 nm (1611 mi/ 2593 km)
IFR Range²: 1180 nm (1358 mi/ 2185 km)

Honda Aircraft is doing it's best to find the right blend of the HondaJet range and the HondaJet Fuel fuel capacity. Currently the above Honda Jet range numbers cannot be relied on and are preliminary at this time because the HondaJet very light jet (VLJ) is currently still in a testing phase and not in full production.

HondaJet Fuel Consumption and HondaJet Fuel Burn:

Honda has not released any information on the fuel capacity of the HondaJet. Due to the fact these numbers have not been released, the HondaJet Fuel Consumption or HondaJet Fuel burn can not be calculated. Sun Airlines will provide the information on the HondaJet Fuel Consumption of the HondaJet once Honda Aircraft releases the numbers. Sun Airlines will also provide a HondaJet range map once we are able to obtain or create one.

A photo of a HondaJet for the HondaJet Range and HondaJet Fuel Consumption

Above HondaJet Range and HondaJet Fuel Consumption Photo by Honda News on Flickr. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.

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