HondaJet Orders

The Honda Aircraft Company started accepting HondaJet orders at the National Business Aviation Association Convention on September 27, 2006. Honda Aircraft originally expected to deliver the HondaJet to customers in 2010, however they moved the launch date up to 2013.

Number of HondaJet Orders:

Honda Aircraft has not announced how many HondaJet orders they have at this time. Also Sun Airlines has not spotted any one selling their HondaJet order position. Due to these factors the number of HondaJet orders are unknown at this time.

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HondaJet Orders are also referred to as the Honda Jet orders, Honda HA-420 orders and the HDJT Orders.

HondaJet Orders Photo

Above HondaJet Orders Photo at NBAA 2010 by Honda News on Flickr. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.