HondaJet Operating Costs

Currently the HondaJet is in flight testing and has not been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration or other aviation regulators. The HondaJet operating costs have not been officially announced by Honda Aircraft and can not be calculated at this time because the HondaJet is not yet in production. Once the HondaJet is complete and certified, the HondaJet operating costs will be available. Honda is building the HondaJet to have very competitive operating costs to other aircraft in the light jet category. One of the main costs of operating an aircraft are fuel costs. Honda has posted a chart showing an estimated fuel burn for the jet in comparison to other aircraft. It is showing the jet is estimated to burn around 165 gallons of Jet-A fuel on a 600 nautical mile trip. This puts the HondJet fuel burn at .275 gallons per nautical mile or travel 3.64 nautical miles per gallon. The chart also shows a comparison to other aircraft (Aircraft A & B), which seem to look like a Cessna Citation M2 or a Cessna Citation Mustang and an Embraer Phenom 100. The HondaJet is supposed to use less fuel then these two other aircraft, according to the chart which is featured below.

Honda HondaJet Fuel Burn Estimates

Above HondaJet fuel burn chart by Honda Aircraft Co. Used under the fair use provision.


Honda Aircraft was focused on certifying the HondaJet in 2012 and delivering it in 2013. Honda has now moved up the entry into service (EIS) date for the jet to 2015, with certification in 2014. At certification there should be official fuel burn numbers available. For more information on the HondaJet visit our other HondaJet pages.

Also the HondaJet Cost Per Hour can not be calculated due to the above reasons.

Also note that the HondaJet operating costs are also referred to as the Honda Jet Operating Costs, Honda HA-420 Operating Costs and the HDJT Operating Costs.

HondaJet Operating Costs Photo

Above HondaJet Operating Costs Photo by Honda News on Flickr. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.