HondaJet Lavatory - Toilet

The Honda Aircraft Company has designed a full lavatory/toilet into the HondaJet. The HondaJet Lavatory will have a flushing toilet and full sink located at the rear of the HondaJet aircraft. Honda is planning for the HondaJet toilet - lavatory to be the best in the very light jet class. The HondaJet lavatory will also have a closing door. Honda Aircraft has not announced if the toilet seat (top) will be belted so it can be used as an additional seat. Since the HondaJet is still in development the information on the HondaJet lavatory - toilet can change.

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The HondaJet Lavatory - Toilet is also known as the Honda HA-420 Lavatory and the Honda HA-420 toilet.

HondaJet Lavatory - Toilet Photo

Above HondaJet Lavatory Photo by Honda Aircraft Company. Copyright Honda Aircraft Company.