HondaJet FAA Certification

Currently the HondaJet is still in flight testing and is not yet certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Honda Aircraft Company is expecting that they will achieve HondaJet FAA certification by the middle/end of 2012. The company is now expecting the jet to be certified by the beginning of 2015. GE Honda Aero Engines recived FAA certifcation on December 13th, 2013 for HF120 engine that will power the jet.

Update: Honda Aircraft has not yet achieved FAA Certification of the aircraft as of January 21, 2013. Honda Aircraft has not released any more information on the timeline for FAA certification of the HondaJet. Also GE Honda Aero Engines expects that the HF120 engine will be fully certified from the FAA by mid-2013 as described in their press release released on October 29, 2012. According to that press release, the HondaJet Engine has completed it's certification testing as is awating approval. Since the engine will not be certified until mid-2013, the earliest the HondaJet can be certified is by mid-2013.

More information on the FAA certification of the HondaJet will be posted as more details become available.

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Also the HondaJet FAA Certification is also referred to as the Honda Jet FAA Certification, HA-420 FAA Certification and HDJT FAA Certification.

Hondajet FAA Certification Photo

Above HondaJet FAA Certification Photo by Honda News on Flickr. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.