On this page, David Aughinbaugh II, FlyRadius’ Research Analyst, provides information on the Embraer EMB-500 Aircraft, which is the Embraer Phenom 100 jet.

When looking at aircraft names, many will notice that several, if not all, aircraft have several names. The EMB-500 is an example of a jet that has multiple names, with it being commercially called the Embraer Phenom 100. EMB-500 is the official model name for the aircraft. The name is used by aviation regulators to identify in their line of work. When Embraer applied for certification of the Phenom 100, they were required to set a model name of the aircraft which is usually a combination of letters and numbers. In their selection process, the chose EMB-500 to be the model name for the airplane. This name is displayed on official certification documents and in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) registry and other regulator registries.

When searching for the aircraft on the FAA website and in other official places the EMB-500 name must be used to locate the aircraft.

In some cases, the model name is also used as the marketing name for the aircraft. One example of that is Boeing’s aircraft which have model names that are the same as the marketing or commercial name (717-200, 737-700, etc). The EMB-500, however, does not follow that pattern as Embraer has selected Phenom 100 to be the marketing name for the jet.

When you see the Phenom 100 name being used, the jet is the EMB-500. Also, Embraer launched the Phenom 100E and the Phenom 100EV as new models of the jet and those jets are also under the EMB-500 model name.

Other Names for the Jet

The EMB-500 aircraft also has one additional name for it, the E50P. E50P is the ICAO Aircraft Type Designator for the aircraft and is used by air traffic control to identify the aircraft in their line of work. You can learn more about the name on our E50P page.

Learn More About the Jet

On the FlyRadius site, you can learn more about the jet on our various pages that are linked in the menu. Please feel free to visit the pages to get more information on specific areas for the light jet.

Embraer EMB-500 Photo

Above EMB-500 Embraer Phenom 100 Photo by: Josh Beasley on Flickr. Photo released under a Creative Commons License

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