Below are videos about the Eclipse 550 jet. The Eclipse 550 videos are all contained in YouTube player below and the video can be changed in the playlist view at the top left corner of the video player.

A Brief overview of the videos we selected:

1. The official Eclipse 550 First Delivery video. The first delivery took place at Eclipse's Albuquerque, New Mexico facility.

2. A video from Avweb with Eclipse announcing that a customer took delivery of the first Eclipse 550 jet. Announcement was at the NBAA convention in Las Vegas. As we have pointed out on our main Eclipse 550 article, it looks as if the jet was not delivered on the date described in the video. As we now know, this aircraft was not delivered to the customer until March 2014 as featured in the previous video. 

3. The second video is from Aero-TV at NBAA 2013 talking to Eclipse Aerospace's CEO on the Eclipse 550 program and now having a complete aircraft to show to the public.

4. The next video is from Avweb. It shows a test flight in an Eclipse 550 (actually a Total Eclipse) and goes over some of the function of the jet and how it flies.

5. The last video is an overview of the AVIO IFMS avionics in the Eclipse 550 very light jet.

6. We were looking for a video of the that gave a view of the interior of the Eclipse 550. This video shows a quick view of what it looks like inside the jet.