Eclipse 550 Training remains the same as the current Eclipse 500 training programs. The Eclipse 550 is a continuation of the Eclipse 500 aircraft program and is not an entirely new aircarft program. As mentioned on other articles on FlyRadius, the Eclipse 550 is built under the Eclipse 500 type certificate. Also many of the new features that the Eclipse 550 has are being made available as upgrades for Eclipse 500 jets. This makes the training programs for both jets nearly the same.

Options for Training:

Eclipse 550 Pilot Training
Eclipse Aerospace has selected SIMCOM as the official training provider for the Eclipse 550 jet. SIMCOM is providing training for only pilots at this time. They provide fully pilot training for the jet and they are the only company with a full motion level-D Eclipse 550 simulator. They provide the Eclipse 550 type rating course in accordance with the Eclipse / Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved course. You can learn more about the Eclipse 550 type rating course and the type rating is self here.

There are also other providers of training for the Eclipse 550 jet. Some of the other providers that we have spotted include. Norton Aviation, Jet Aeronautical, Professional Flight Training, Inc and others. They all list themselves as providing training for the Eclipse 500. Since the Eclipse 550 and Eclipse 500 type ratings are the same (EA-500) they should provide training for the Eclipse 550 aircraft.

Eclipse 550 Maintenance Training
Right now the only company that we have spotted that lists themselves as offering maintenance training for the jet is Eclipse Aerospace. Eclipse Aerospace does not actually say this on their site, however they should provide complete maintenance training for the Eclipse 550 very light jet.

Eclipse 550 training services providers: If your company provides training services for the Eclipse 550, your company can be listed here in detail at no cost. Contact our aviation resources team to find out more.

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Eclipse 550 Training Page Photo

Above Eclipse 550 training page photo by on Wikimedia Commons. Photo is of the "launch Eclipse 550", which is actually a Total Eclipse 500. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons license.