Range for the Eclipse 550 is reported to be exactly the same as the Eclipse 500 jet. Eclipse Aerospace has been reporting two range number for the Eclipse 550. The first one reported is 1,125 nautical miles for the Eclipse 550 range. This number accounts for the NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) 100 nautical mile standards with 1 pilot and 3 passengers. Eclipse has also posted a second range number using a different alternate airport range. The second Eclipse 550 range is 1,300 nautical miles with an IFR 45 minute alternate airport fuel reserve and 4 occupants.

Recap of the Range:

  • 1,125 Nautical Miles or 2,084 Kilometers (NBAA IFR 100 nautical mile alternate airport, 4 occupants, 200 pound pilot and three 170 pound passengers.).
  • 1,300 Nautical Miles or 2,408 Kilometers (IFR 45-minute reserve, 4 occupants, 200 pound pilot and three 170 pound passengers.)

Eclipse 550 Range Map

Below is a range map that shows the range of the jet from Denver, Colorado, USA.

Eclipse 550 Range Map

Above Eclipse 550 range map from Eclipse Aviation Corporation. Used under the fair use provision.