The Eclipse 550 jet does not have a lavatory or bathroom on-board. Since the Eclipse 550 does not have a bathroom, there is no sink or running water inside the aircraft. Being one of the smallest business jets on the market, the Eclipse 550 does not have room to put in a standard toilet or a non flush-able toilet like the Cessna Citation Mustang toilet. If you are considering purchasing or flying on an Eclipse 550, remember that there is no bathroom in the cabin.

To recap:

  • There is not an Eclipse 550 Lavatory, Bathroom or Toilet. The Eclipse 550 was designed as a small jet and does not have these features.

Eclipse 550 Lavatory Bathroom or Toilet Page Photo

Above Eclipse 550 photo (actually a Total Eclipse 500) modified by FlyRadius, originally by on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.

Also note that the Eclipse 550 lavatory, bathroom or toilet may also be called the Eclipse EA-50 lavatory, bathroom or toilet or the Eclipse EA-500 lavatory, bathroom or toilet.