The Eclipse 550 is a fairly new aircraft and Eclipse 550s for lease are not that common at this time. At the time this article was written the team has not spotted any Eclipse 550 jet available for lease. Smaller jets are also usually harder to lease when compared to larger aircraft. This is due to the fact that many leasing companies do not look to lease smaller aircraft. It is possible to find a financing company that is willing to buy an Eclipse 550 and lease it back to you. You may also want to look at actually purchasing an Eclipse 550 very light jet and financing it. There are advantages to owning an aircraft and you may want to look into this option.

Short Term Eclipse 550 Lease
As previously mentioned above, we have not spotted any Eclipse 550s available for lease, including short term leases.

AMCI / Wet Lease
Aircraft, Maintenance, Crew & Insurance (ACMI) or "wet" lease for smaller jets are also not as common when compared to larger jets.

Eclipse 550 Fractional Ownership
Fractional ownership of aircraft has become popular for business/private jets. The Eclipse 550 will likely see companies offering fractional ownership of the very light jet. Some private owners could also be willing to offer a fractional / shared ownership of their jet. Fractional jet ownership allows a person or company to own a percentage of the Eclipse 550 jet. Usually you pay for your ownership percentage the level percentage usually gives a certain amount of hours of usage per year and you pay a per hour fee for each hour you fly. These terms can vary among companies and owners, so make sure you get all the details before signing an agreement.

If you or your company has an Eclipse 550 for lease or an Eclipse 550 fractional ownership available, contact our aviation resources team to learn how you can list your jet here and on FlyRadius here at no cost.

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Above Eclipse 550 Photo by Robert Frola on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.