The first delivery of the Eclipse 550 very light jet occurred on March 12, 2014. Aircraft serial number 550-0265 was the first Eclipse 550 off the line. All Eclipse 550s are designated with the "550" prefix to indicate that they are Eclipse 550s and not Eclipse 500s.

Eclipse 550 Deliveries
As of May 10, 2014 Eclipse has delivered 6 Eclipse 550s based on information in the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) aircraft registry. The Eclipse 550 deliveries are not in order of the aircraft's serial number. Also any possible deliveries to customers outside of the United States may not be included in the 6 aircraft delivered. Eclipse Aerospace has not released information directly about further deliveries at this time.

Eclipse 550 Orders
Eclipse has been released little information on how many orders there are for the aircraft. On September 16, 2013 in Aviation Week they announced that they were to deliver 6 to 7 Eclipse 550 orders during 2013, however this did not occur until 2014 (as explained above). They also announced that they are looking to build 3 jets per month with an increase to 4 per month during 2014. At the NBAA convention during October 2013 Eclipse said that they plan to build two per month, with possible increases up to 10 base on orders. Based on the 6 that they have delivered, they are producing two aircraft per month at this time. The order numbers for the Eclipse 550 have not been announced. If the company continues at the 2 aircraft per month pace there are possibly 20 aircraft in order books for this year (2014).

Eclipse 550 Sales
As previously mentioned, Eclipse has not released full information on the number of sales or the dollar amount of sales they currently have.

Eclipse 550 Deliveries Orders Sales Page Photo

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