The Eclipse 550 very light jet is a fairly new aircraft at the time this article was written. At this time we have not spotted any charter company operating the Eclipse 550 jet. Associated Aircraft Group (AAG), a helicopter / aircraft charter company, is supposed to be one of the customers of the jet that will operate charters. AAG is part of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, which is a United Technologies company. Sikorsky has made investments in Eclipse Aerospace and is partially involved in operations of the company. They have not taken delivery of an Eclipse 550 at this time, however they have been operating Total Eclipse 500 jets since 2011. In the photo below you can see AAG's logo on the "launch Eclipse 550", which is actually a Total Eclipse 500. The Total Eclipse 500 is very similar to the Eclipse 550, in fact all Eclipse 500 jets are eligible to be upgraded with almost all the features of the Eclipse 550.

Another company to look out for to be a potential Eclipse 550 charter operator / customer is North American Jet Charter (NAJ). They are one of the larger operators of the Eclipse 500.

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Eclipse 550 Charter Operators Page Photo

Above Eclipse 550 Charter Photo by on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons license.