Eclipse 550

Eclipse 550

The Eclipse 550 is the new version of the Eclipse 500 aircraft that Eclipse Aerospace announced on October 10, 2011. The Eclipse 550 aircraft has many of the same overall systems as the Eclipse 500 with many different refinements to the avionics, interior, cabin, windshield, seats and more. Eclipse Aerospace is taking orders for the new Eclipse 550 very light jet and is delivering aircraft. Eclipse was to start delivering the jet in 2013 and they announced that they did deliver the first aircraft, however the first delivery did not take place until 2014. In 2013 Eclipse had only announced details of the aircraft program through select media outlets. On March 12, 2014 they announced on their site that they delivered the first Eclipse 550. The first Eclipse 550 delivered is serial number 550-0265. It flew out of Eclipse's Albuquerque, New Mexico facility on March 13, 2014. Before this delivery date there was some other delivery dates announced on other websites. In an article in Aviation Week on October 22, 2013 it was announced that Eclipse Aerospace had delivered the first Eclipse 550 to a customer in Louisiana. On December 20, 2013 in an article by ABQJournal that is about Eclipse adding 100 jobs and in return gaining economic benefits from the city, it says that the first Eclipse 550 was delivered to a customer on December 19, 2013.

Avionics on the very light jet are still built by Innovative Solutions and Support. The new avionics system is called AVIO IFMS and is also avalible as an upgrade for existing Eclipse 500s. The Eclipse 550 has new features, when compared to the orginal Eclipse 500, that include Synthetic Vision, enhanced vision and Auto Throttle capabilities; a first for a very light jet.

Below the photo is information on specifc areas of the Eclipse 550 jet.

 Eclipse 550 Very Light Jet Photo

Above Eclipse 550 Photo from the Innovative Solutions & Support Press Release on the Eclipse 550 Avionics.

Here is some information on specific areas on the Eclipse 550:

Eclipse 550 Engine:

The Eclipse 550 engine will be the same as the Eclipse 500 very light jet; the Pratt & Whitney PW610F turbofan. Each Eclipse 550 engine will provide at 900 pounds (lbs) of trust for a total of 1,800 pounds (lbs) trust for both Eclipse 550 Engines. The Eclipse 550 engine will have the automatic power reserve feature that allows one engine to have increased thrust in case one engine goes out during takeoff.

Eclipse 550 Price:

Originally Eclipse Aerospace set the price at $2,695,000 USD for the base price. Eclipse Aerospace is accepting orders and did allow introductory purchasers to get an Eclipse 500 price contract without CPI added and over $120,000 in optional equipment at no extra cost. The pricing has changed since the launch of the jet. For more information on the current pricing for the jet visit the price page.

Eclipse 550 Interior - Cabin:

The Eclipse 550 interior will be upgraded with new seats in comparison to the original Eclipse 500. The interior dimensions will remain the same, as the Eclipse 550 is based on the Eclipse 500.

Eclipse 550 Cockpit - Flight Deck

The Eclipse 550 Cockpit will be updated with newer avionics. Overall the look of the Eclipse 550 flight deck remains the same as the Eclipse 500 Cockpit, with the same type of LCD screens and flight controls. Visit our Eclipse 550 Cockpit page for more information.

Eclipse 550 Specifications:

Most of the Eclipse 550 Specifications remain the same as the current Total Eclipse 500 aircraft. Visit the Eclipse 550 Specifications

Eclipse 550 Dimensions:

Since the Eclipse 550 is built on the same airframe as the Eclipse 500, the Eclipse 550 Dimensions remain the same as the Eclipse 500 Dimensions.

Eclipse 550 For Sale:

Eclipse Aerospace is currently open to orders for the Eclipse 550. Early customers of the Eclipse 550 will get special introductory pricing with no CPI added and over $120,000 USD in optional upgrades. The Eclipse 550 price for the Eclipse 550 for sale was $2,695,000 USD for the base price. Eclipse 550 deliveries possibly began in 2013. Production of the aircraft is supposedly under way.

Eclipse 550 Performance:

The Eclipse 550 Performance will also remain the same as the Eclipse 500 very light jet. The Eclipse 550 will be certified to fly up to 41,000 feet (ft) (FL410) and fly at 425 mph. To learn more about the Eclipse 550 Performance visit our Eclipse 500 Perfomance page. A Eclipse 550 Performance page specifically for the Eclipse 550 will be created shortly.

Eclipse 550 Operating Cost:

The Eclipse 550 Operating Cost will be just like the Eclipse 500 Operating Cost because it is essentially the same aircraft. Expect the Eclipse 550 Operating Cost to be slightly better on the maintenance side because it's a newer aircraft. The Eclipse 550 fuel consumption or Eclipse 550 fuel burn will be better than some Eclipse 500s because the aircraft will be certified from production to 41,000 feet (FL410) and Eclipse 500s that have yet to get the upgrades to FL410 will have higher fuel burn. To get an overview of the Eclipse 550 operating cost visit our Eclipse 500 Operating Cost page. Overall the Eclipse 550 operating cost will likley be the lowest out of any production jet in the market.

Eclipse 550 Range:

The Eclipse 550 Range will be exactly the same as the current Eclipse 500 Range. The Eclipse 550 range is 1,125 nautical miles (nm) or 1,295 statute miles (sm) with NBAA IFR 100 nm alternate airport reserves.

To view the full details on the Eclipse 550 Range visit the Eclipse 500 Range page on our site.

Eclipse 550 Type Rating:

The Eclipse 550 type rating will be offered by Simcom in partner ship with Eclipse Aerospace. The course is very similar to the Eclipse 500 Type Rating. Visit the Eclipse 550 Type Rating page to get an overview of the Eclipse 550 Type Rating. Eclipse 550 training will be likely offered by Simcom and other training companies.