Eclipse 500 Range

The Eclipse 500 Range varies on the amount of fuel/on board weight and which max range standards you apply to Eclipse 500 jet. Below is the Eclipse 500 airplane range information with specific scenarios.

Here is the Eclipse 500 Range Information:

Eclipse 500 Jet Range with NBAA IFR 100 nm Alternate airport 4 passengers: 1 pilot (200 LB) 3 Passengers (170 LB each) standards: 1,125 nm (nautical miles) or 1,295 sm (statute miles - road miles)

Eclipse 500 Range with Max IFR 45 minute reserves 4 passengers (same weights as above): 1,300 nm (nautical miles) or 1,496 sm (statute miles)

Main Eclipse 500 Range: 1,125 nautical miles or 1,295 statute miles.

Overall the range of the Eclipse 500 jet remains at the top of jet's in it's category.

Here is an Eclipse 500 range map from Kansas City, MO:

Eclipse 500 Range Map Photo

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