Eclipse 500 Problems

The original Eclipse 500 did have many problems with it, however Eclipse Aerospace has fixed all of these problems. Some of the Eclipse 500 problems included: avionics problems, engine operation problems, and other problems with the airframe/certification. The Eclipse 500 problems with the avionics included autopilot disconnection during turbulence and avionics that did not live up to original expectations. The main Eclipse 500 problem with the engine was with the FADEC engine controls; an aircraft had to make an emergency landing because the engines would not get out of full power. The NTSB investigated and found the problem to with the design of the FADEC software and the FAA certification. Some also blamed that the FAA and the original Eclipse Aviation has a close relationship that allowed them to get away with some things.

Today all, if not most, of the Eclipse 500 problems have been fixed by it's new owner Eclipse Aerospace. Eclipse Aerospace took over all of the Eclipse Aviation assets and has fixed the plane. Also the Eclipse 500 is now certified up to 41,000 ft and can have an anti-ice system installed.  No Eclipse 500 has crashed and resulted in injures or fatalities (NTSB Records). Out of 262 Eclipse 500's registered in the United States there are only 4 NTSB incident reports and only 1 of those had to due with a problem with the Eclipse 500 aircraft (NTSB/FAA Records).

Today the Eclipse 500 jet is a safe jet as it has kept it's certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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Above Eclipse 500 photo by Aktug Ates on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.

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