Eclipse 500 Price

The Eclipse 500 is currently not in production, however Eclipse Aerospace is retrofitting / selling stored, like new and some not flown Eclipse 500's as the Total Eclipse. The Eclipse 500 price for a low hour Eclipse 500 (Total Eclipse) was around $1.7 Million - $2.1 Million Dollars (USD) at the time of writing this article. As of October 28, 2013 the pricing for the Total Eclipse 500 has risen to $2,250,000 USD. The process of buying the Total Eclipse includes the following, A $25,000 refundable deposit is due when submiting an order form, 10% of the jet's price (the balance) is due at contract signing and 40% of the balance is due 30 days prior to delivery or the Eclipse 500 jet. The rest of the balance due is paid at the delivery of the jet. The Eclipse 500 pricing - Total Eclipse pricing is based on the upgrades that Eclipse Aerospace has made to the Eclipse 500 Aircraft.

Used Eclipse 500 Price

The Eclipse 500 price of an used Eclipse 500 jet can range from $700,000 - $2.1 Million Dollars, based on the condition and upgrades of the Eclipse 500 aircraft.

Overall the Eclipse 500 price in the used Eclipse 500 market can vary widely based on the year and condition of the aircraft. The most important factor in the Eclipse 500 price is the cost of upgrading the Used Eclipse 500 aircraft to meet the new upgrades that Eclipse Aerospace has released, like Avio IFMS and certification to 41,000 feet or Flight Level 410. Adding the cost of the Eclipse 500 upgrades will give you the actual Eclipse 500 cost.

The New Eclipse 500 Price

Eclipse Aerospace is producing a new version of the Eclipse 500 jet, the Eclipse 550. The price for a new Eclipse 550 was set at $2,695,000 USD on October 11, 2011 wit $120,000 of options included at no additional cost to customers that purchased a delivery position early on. As of October 28, 2013 the price has been raised to $2,895,000 USD. According to information on the Eclipse website, in order to purchase a new Eclipse 550 you have to place a deposit of $25,000, pay 10% of the un-escalated base price after 30 days from the day you made the deposit, then pay 30% of the un-escalated base price 6 months before delivery of the jet. The rest of the balance due for the purchase of the new aircraft is due at delivery of the jet.

Eclipse 500 Price Page Photo

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Updated 10/28/2013

The Eclipse 500 price is also known as the Eclipse 500 VLJ Price, Eclipse jet price, Eclipse Very Light Jet Price, Total Eclipse price, EA50 Price and the Eclipse 500 jet price. This is due to the multiple name the aircraft has.

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