Eclipse 500 Performance

Below is information on the performance of the Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet. More information on the specification for the jet can be found on the Eclipse 500 specifications page.

Performance – Distances:

Takeoff Distance:  2,345 Feet or 715 Meters (to 50 ft sea level, ISA to 50 ft (15 M) at maximum gross takeoff weight (MGTOW)). 
Landing distance: 2,250 feet or 686 Meters (sea level, ISA at 4,600 pounds (2,087 Kilograms) for landing weight)
Takeoff distance: 3,881 feet or 1,183 Meters at 5,000 feet with ISA +15˚C.

Performance – Climb Data Rate of climb:

  • Two engines: 3,424 feet per minute or 1,044 meters per minute
  • One engine: 989 feet per minute or 301 meters per minute
  • Time to climb to 35,000 ft (10,688 meters): 22 minutes
  • Single engine takeoff climb 705 feet per minute or 125 meters per Minute at 5,000 feet at ISA + 15˚C.

Performance – Speeds:

  • Vso: 69 Knots (KEAS - knots equivalent airspeed) or 128 Kilometers an Hour. (Stall speed in landing configuration.)
  • Vmo maximum operating speed: 285 Knots - KEAS or 528 Kilometers per hour
  • Mmo maximum operating speed : 0.64 Mach
  • Vfe Maximum Flap Extended Speed: 200 KEAS (Flaps for takeoff)
  • Vfe: Maximum Flap Extended Speed 140 KEAS (Flaps for landing)
  • Vlo: Maximum Landing Gear Operating Speed: 200 KEAS
  • Vle: Maximum Landing Gear Extended Speed: 285 KEAS
  • Maximum Tire Ground Speed: 139 Knots
  • Minimum Airspeed in Icing Conditions: 165 KEAS
  • Eclipse 500 max cruise speed: 370 Knots or 685 Kilometers per Hour

Maximum operating altitude: 41,000 feet or 12,497 Meters
Single engine service ceiling: 25,000 feet or 7,620 Meters

Eclipse 500 Performance Page Photo

Above Eclipse 500 Jet Performance page Photo by Free Photo Fun on Flickr. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.

To learn more about the Eclipse 500 performance see the Eclipse 500 specifications.

Also note the Eclipse 500 peformance is also called the Eclipse EA500 performance or the Eclipse EA50 performance. This is due to the other names for the very light jet.

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