The Eclipse 500 For Sale market has changed over the years. At one point their were a lot of used Eclipse 500s for sale on the market, as Eclipse Aviation filed for bankruptcy. That has changed as Eclipse Aerospace has introduced upgrades for the jet and is fully supporting the airplane. In October 2011 Eclipse announced that their new Eclipse 550 jet was for sale. The Eclipse 550 is basically an upgraded version of the Eclipse 500 very light jet. The aircraft was first delivered in 2014 and is currently available from the company. More about the jet can be found on the Eclipse 550 section. Eclipse Aerospace is also selling their Total Eclipse 500 which is a lightly used Eclipse 500 for sale with full upgrades. In 2015 Eclipse Aerospace changed the name of this upgraded Eclipse 500 to the Eclipse 500 Special Edition. The Total Eclipse and the Special Edition are slightly different, as the Special Edition has a few more new features. The price for the Special Edition was $2,195,000 ($2.195 million USD) as of 1/16/2015.

There are usually always a few Eclipse 500 jets for sale on the market at any given time. Price ranges for used Eclipse price range for the Eclipse 500 jets for sale can very greatly based on the quality of the Eclipse 500 aircraft and most importantly if the Eclipse 500 Jet has been upgraded to meet the Total Eclipse / Special Edition standards. As of 1/16/2015 a Eclipse 500 for sale can have a price range of around $400,000 to $2,195,000. The price all depends on the upgrades, avionics system, maintenance status, flight hours / cycles and most importantly market conditions.

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The Eclipse 500 for sale is also known as the Eclipse EA50 for sale and the Eclipse EA-500 for sale. The two names are the ICAO code (EA50) and model name (EA-500).