Eclipse 500 Avionics - AvioNG IFMS

AvioNG - Eclipse 500 Avionics

The AvioNG is the avionics system for the Eclipse 500 Jet. AvioNG was created built for the original Eclipse 500 airplane with design input from Eclipse Aviation. Eclipse Aerospace recently has upgraded the AvioNg avionics and have put together all of the missing features that were intended to be in the original Eclipse 500 aircraft. AvioNg has been upgraded to the new AvioNg 1.7 by Eclipse Aerospace. In March 2011 Eclipse Aerospace announced the availiblity of the Avio Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS). This allows the Eclipse 500 to have all of the advanced avionics features it was ment to have. The autopliot, GPS, WAAS LPV and more is now fully integreated into the system. The new, latest AvioNG avionics include the following features:

AvioNg Integrated FMS AvioNG Avionics for the Eclipse 500
• Airways and Victor Routes
• Coupled LPV Approach
• Vector to Final
• OBS Mode
• RNP (Auto / Manual)
• Easy Insertion of Waypoints
• Easy Insertion of Holding Patterns
• Parallel Offsets
• Procedure Turns and Holding Patterns
• Active Waypoint, Missed Approach and Destination Waypoint Information
• Nearest / On-Route Airports
• Ability to Store 99 Flight Plans on the AvioNG

AvioNg Improved Mapping
• Complete Route on Map
• Progressive Zooming to Reduce Workload
• Aircraft Position Information
• Scroll on Airport Information
• On-Screen Display of Airways High & Low Airspaces, Airport Runways, Navigation Intersections
• On-Screen Display of Stormscope & Improved Satellite Weather
• Graphical Freezing Levels
• Graphical Winds Aloft
• Canadian NexRad / Metars TAF

The Avio Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS) now gives the Eclipse 500 the fullcapabilites that the original AvioNG was supposed to have.

AvioNG (actually Avio pictured)/Eclipse 500 Flight Deck photo by hyku on Flickr

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