Diamond D-Jet Price

The original Diamond D-Jet price was set at $1.38 million ($1,380,000) on July 20, 2006. The $1.38 million dollar Diamond D-Jet price included all extra cost options and all features. This Diamond D-Jet pricing really means that the D-Jet had no options because they are all included in the standard price.

The Most Recent Diamond D-Jet Price

In March 2009, Diamond Aircraft raised the Diamond D-Jet Price to $1.89 million ($1,890,000) to reflect added costs of upgrading the Diamond D-Jet engine to the FJ33-5A. Pricing for D-Jet position holders before the price increase did not change.

Diamond D-Jet Price Photo

Above Diamond D-Jet Price page photo by RuthAS on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.

The Diamond D-Jet price is also referred to as the Diamond D-Jet aircraft price.