Diamond D-Jet Performance

Diamond D-Jet Performance

The Diamond D-Jet performance is designed to give the best performance possible while having an aircraft that is easy to fly. The Diamond D-Jet performance speed wise will not match up with other very light jet manufactures because Diamond is focused on building a jet that is easy to fly. Preliminary Diamond D-Jet range looks to be one of the best in the very light jet class.

Below is the preliminary Diamond D-Jet Performance as reported by Diamond Aircraft. These performance numbers are subject to change when the D-Jet development program continues.

Diamond D-Jet Performance:

  • Cabin altitude 8,500 ft @ FL250
  • Maximum ramp weight: 5,690 lbs
  • Useful load: 2,240 lbs
  • Maximum fuel: 1,740 lbs or 260 gallons
  • Maximum cruise speed 315 ktas
  • Certified ceiling 25,000 ft
  • Time to climb to 25,000 feet 15 min
  • Long range cruise speed 240 ktas
  • Maximum range 1,350 nm

Diamond D-Jet Performance Photo

Above Diamond D-Jet performance page photo by Georges Seguin on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.