Diamond D-Jet Operating Costs

The Diamond D-Jet operating costs are expected to the lowest of any available production jet on the market. When Diamond Aircraft announced that they were going to build the D-Jet, they said they were focused on have the D-Jet burn 34 gallons per hour. This Diamond D-Jet fuel burn would be the lowest in the very light jet class. While the Diamond D-Jet fuel consumption is low, the maintenance cost should also be low. The Diamond D-Jet engine, the FJ33-5A, will have a long 4,000 hour time between overhaul (TBO). This long time between overhaul engine will help keep D-Jet operating costs low.

Currently the D-Jet program is suspended and the exact Diamond D-Jet operating costs cannot be calculated at this time.

Diamond D-Jet Operating Costs Photo

Above Diamond D-Jet operating costs page photo by RuthAs on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.