Cessna Citation Mustang Price

Cessna Mustang Price - Cessna Citation Mustang Price

Currently Cessna has priced a new Cessna Mustang or Cessna Citation Mustang in the $3 Million to $3.2 million dollar range. The average new Cessna Mustang Price is $3 million dollars. Cessna has also recently released the Cessna Mustang High Sierra Edition. This is a special edition Cessna Citation Mustang offered by Cessna. The Cessna Citation Mustang price for the High Sierra Edition is still within the $3 Million dollar range depending on options chosen by the buyer.

There are also Cessna Mustang delivery positions available for sale on the aircraft market. Usually you can find that the Cessna Mustang price for a delivery position is a lot less than buying a new aircraft directly from Cessna. The pricing for these new can be below the three million dollar range.

Used Cessna Citation Mustang Price:

Used Cessna Mustang pricing is from the $1,900,000 to $2,800,000 dollar range depending on the condition of the aircraft, hours flown and other factors. These Cessna Mustangs are available on the aircraft market.

More information on the Cessna Mustang, also known as the Cessna Citation Mustang will be posted on the Sun Airlines website within the upcoming weeks.

Cessna Mustang Price - Cessna Citation Mustang C-GDJG

Above Cessna Mustang Photo by Kingair42 on Flickr. Released under a Creative Commons License