Below are some Cessna Citation M2 videos that we found on the web. These are some of the best videos that we found of the light jet. We have also organized a list of these videos in a YouTube playlist called Cessna Citation M2 on our YouTube account.

The first video is of a flight demonstration of the M2 at Lopez Island Airport FAA: S31 (Lopez, WA). The pilot showcases that the Cessna Citation M2 has rather good landing and takeoff performance. The runway is 2,904 feet in length, with trees at the end of the runway. The Citation M2 is able to land and takeoff at the airport with ease. This is a good video that gives an overview of the aircraft.

The second video shows the aircraft in flight with an arrival into Punta Gorda Airport (KPGD / PGD Punta Gorda, FL). This is good Citation M2 video that shows an overview of an arrival approach in the aircraft.

Cessna Citation M2 videos 3 to 5 show a flight test of the M2 with cockpit and an outside landing view.

Video number 6 is the introduction video that Cessna produced for the light jet. It shows an animation of the outside of the jet.

The 7th video shows the inside of the Cessna Citation M2 simulator, with a takeoff from Aspen-Pitkin County Airport KASE / ASE Aspen, CO.

The last video in our Citation M2 playlist is video that shows an overview of the aircraft. The video was created by a company that is selling the M2 featured in the video. They have added music to the video and you may want to mute your speakers.