The Cessna Citation M2 is covered under the Cessna CE-525 type rating. The CE-525 rating is also the Cessna Citation CJ1 type rating. The M2 is Cessna's new version of the CJ1. On June 6th, 2014 the Federal Aviation Administration's Flight Standardization Board (FSB) revised their report on the CE-525 type rating training requirements to include the new M2 light jet. The Cessna Citation M2 type rating is issued in two categories, one pilot or two pilots required. To fly the jet as the only pilot you need to obtain the Cessna CE-525S type rating. The rating requires you to train and pass the type rating test as the only pilot, with no second in command. The second type rating is the Cessna CE-525 type rating. It is obtained by training with a second in command (copilot) and passing the practical test with a copilot.

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Below are some of the areas of emphasis the FAA FSB is requiring for all CE-525 type rating training. (quoted from report)

Ground training in the following subjects for the CE-525 is required:

  • Crew Resource Management
  • Cockpit Familiarization
  • Aircraft General Description (Interior/Exterior)
  • Review of the AFM and Operating Manuals to include Normal & Abnormal Procedures
  • and Limitations
  • Lighting Systems
  • EICAS (Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System)
  • Powerplant
  • Fire Protection System
  • Electrical System
  • Fuel System,
  • Hydraulic System
  • Landing Gear, Power/Anti-skid Brake Systems,
  • Flight Controls
  • Pneumatics
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Ice & Rain Protection Systems,
  • Oxygen System
  • Pressurization System
  • Preflight Procedures
  • PFD and MFD Displays & Controls and Avionics Systems,
  • Flight Management System (FMS)
  • Systems Integration Training
  • MMEL Procedures
  • Introduction to Performance
  • Weight & Balance Procedures
  • Aircraft Performance Procedures and Limitations
  • Automatic Flight Control System
  • High Altitude Operations, and
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

"Particular emphasis should be placed upon takeoff and landing performance. [V speeds understanding important] The determination of maximum takeoff and landing weight due to climb capability, obstacle clearance requirements, and brake energy limits should be thoroughly understood by the student."

Flight Training:

  • Exterior inspection
  • Cockpit/Cabin Familiarization
  • Systems Tests and Checks
  • Multiple approaches requiring reprogramming of approaches into the avionics system
  • Stalls to first indication of stall warning
  • No Flap Landing Procedures
  • Normal Procedures
  • Abnormal Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures to include an approach simulating using only Emergency power
  • Flight Operations in the Reversionary Display Modes
  • VMC and IMC approaches (with and without Synthetic Vision, if applicable), and
  • Engine failure, after V1 and/or missed approach

Cessna Citation M2 Differences Training

If you already have a CE-525 or the other CE-525 ratings (525A, 525B, 525C) you may be able to only complete a differences course to obtain certification in the Citation M2. If you have a CJ1 (CE-525) type rating you will be able to complete a short differences course and become certified in the M2. Below is the FAA FSB's requirements for the differences course.

Differences Training CE-525 aircraft equipped with Pro Line 21 to G3000 flight suite aircraft
CE-525 M2 (525-0685,-0800 and On) / CJ3+ (525B-0057 and -0451 and On)

Program Hours (per Pilot)
The CE-525 Differences Course consists of the following minimum hours:

  • Aircraft Systems Differences 2.0 Hrs
  • Avionics Lecture 6.0 Hrs
  • Avionics Ground Training 4.0 Hrs
  • Simulator/FTD/Aircraft Flight Training 2.0 Hrs. (Single Pilot*)
  • Demonstration of Proficiency** 2.0 Hrs
  • (Partial Proficiency Check)
  • Minimum Total Hours 16.0 Hrs.

*If training as a two pilot crew, 2.0 as Pilot Flying, and 2.0 as Pilot not Flying
**Each PIC will complete a Demonstration of Proficiency

Cessna Citation M2 Type Rating Providers

Cessna has selected FlightSafety International to be the "official" training provider for the Citation M2. To obtain the Citation M2 type rating, you will likely go through the CJ1 type rating course and then learn differences between the CJ1 and the M2. The course is 13 days long. The company has posted that it requires all pilots to have at least 1,000 hours of flying time and multi-engine plus instrument ratings. The company will also administer an optional Airline Transport Pilot License (ATP) check with the course. All type ratings allow you to be qualified for an ATP license and FlightSafety is providing this service with the course, however it is not noted if it is an additional cost. FlightSafety has full motion Cessna Citation M2 simulators and is currently the only company that has them. The company is providing CJ1 training at its San Antonio, Texas USA location and this is likely where the Citation M2 training is provided. This course is provided for free to those who purchase a new Citation M2 from Cessna (for two pilots).

Citation M2 Maintenace Training

FlightSafety is also providing Cessna Citation M2 maintenance training at Cessna's Wichita, Kansas location. Maintenance training is provided for free to purchasers of a new M2 from Cessna.

Also other type rating training providers that are currently providing CJ1 type ratings (CE-525) may be able to provide training for the Citation M2.

If your company provides Cessna Citation M2 training or type ratings contact our Aviation Resources Team to learn how you can get listed on this page.

Cessna Citation M2 Type Rating Cost - Price
Currently we do not have any information on the cost of the Cessna Citation M2 type rating. Most type ratings cost around $10,000 to $20,000 USD. Also any one who purchases a new Citation M2 from Cessna will get a free type rating course for two pilots from Cessna / FlightSafety at no additional cost.

The type rating is also known as the Cessna 525 type rating because the M2's official model name is "525"