Cessna Citation M2 Range

The Cessna Citation M2 range is good for a light jet. Currently the Cessna Aircraft Company is publishing two range numbers, a Max Range and NBAA IFR range. The range number that Cessna is posting on its site is the max range number, which is likely the range that follows the FAA IFR range guidelines. The Cessna Citation M2 max range is 1,580 nautical miles. The second range number, that is more commonly used by operators, is the NBAA IFR range. The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) publishes guidelines for alternate airports that requires operators to have a 100 nautical mile alternate airport planned, in case the aircraft can not land at the intended airport. The NBAA guidelines reduce the range of aircraft because they require a slightly higher distance to account for diversions. The Cessna Citation M2 range with NBAA IFR guidelines is 1,300 nautical miles.

Below is an overview of the range numbers for the Citation M2.

  • Cessna Citation M2 Max Range: 1,580 nautical miles, 1,818.23 statute miles (sm) or 2,926.16 kilometers.
  • Cessna Citation M2 NBAA IFR range: 1,300 nautical miles, 1,496.013 statute miles (sm) or 2,407.6 kilometers (100 nm alternate airport, Maximum Takeoff Weight, Full Fuel, Optimal Climb and Descent and Maximum Cruise Thrust at 41,000 feet) (+- 4 percent).

Below are Cessna Citation M2 range maps from Dallas and Orlando.

Citation M2 Range Map from Dallas, Texas USA DAL / KDAL

Cessna Citation M2 Range Map From Dallas, Texas USA DAL

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Citation M2 Range Map from Orlando, Florida USA MCO / KMCO

Cessna Citation M2 Range Map From Orlando, Florida USA MCO

Courtesy of GPSvisualizer.com

The range for this aircraft may also be referred to as the Cessna 525 range. "525" is the model name of the M2 and the CJ1