When purchasing an aircraft, the operating costs associated with the aircraft is one of the most important areas to look at. The Cessna Citation M2 operating costs are all combined into six main areas that most private / business jets have. The six Citation M2 operating cost areas are fuel, maintenance, insurance, hangar / parking, crew and training costs. Another area is taxes and fees (FAA / registration). This is usually minimal after the purchase of a Cessna Citation M2. It is also important to categorize the operating costs into variable and fixed costs. Separating the two will allow you to develop a cost formula for the jet. The rest of this article will cover the six areas in detail. This will provide an overview on the Cessna Citation M2 operating costs.

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Above Cessna Citation M2 photo by Jordan Sangerman on Wikimedia Commons. Modified by FlyRadius. Photo released under a Creative Commons License.

Operating Costs Area One - Fuel Costs

The main Cessna Citation M2 operating cost area is fuel. It can be a major expense if you fly the aircraft regularly. Citation M2 fuel costs are a variable cost that will vary based on hours or miles flown. Our Cessna Citation M2 Fuel Burn Consumption page has the full details on the estimated fuel burn. The light jet burns around 920 pounds per hour at 34,000 feet or 700 pounds per hour at 41,000 feet at 401 knots. We like to use gallons per nautical mile to estimate fuel costs for a trip. The M2 uses around 0.342 gallons per nautical mile at 34,000 feet or 0.261 gallons per nautical mile at 41,000 feet. An estimated 1,000 nautical mile trip would cost cost $1,881 USD at FL340 or $1,435.50 USD at FL410 with Jet A fuel costing $5.50 per gallon. These numbers are not taking into account departure climb and arrival approach fuel burn which could change the fuel numbers. If a company flew four 1,000 nautical mile trips a month the estimated fuel cost for the year would be $90,288 USD with Jet A at $5.50 per gallon and flying at 34,000 feet. This is one of the main Cessna Citation M2 operating costs that operators will be interested in.

Operating Costs Area Two – Maintenance
Maintenance for the Cessna Citation M2 light jet is the second most important area to look at. The maintenance costs could be both fixed and variable based on certain maintenance items. Cessna has a maintenance program for the Citation M2 called ProAdvantage, which bills maintenance costs for many components as a variable per flight hour cost. The Citation M2 is eligible for ProIgnition, ProParts, ProTech, TapAdvantage and TapAdvantage Blue. These programs cover most of the maintenance items under a contract that lasts 3 to 5 years or a certain number of flight hours. The costs for this program are billed per flight hour flown at a set rate by Cessna. Another option is to just pay the expenses as they happen with a maintenance company. The light jet will have annual inspections or flight hour inspections that will need to be completed, along with other maintenance items. An analysis of the total costs will need to be accomplished. Currently we do not have anymore details on the costs, however our planned aircraft services division will be able to help gather the information. For more details contact our aviation resources team.

Area Three: Insurance
Another area of operating costs for the Citation M2 is insurance costs. This is a fixed cost. Currently we do not have any data or pricing on this area. If you provide insurance for the jet contact us to learn how your services can be listed here.

Hangar / Parking Costs
The M2 will need to be parked, preferably in a hangar. This will add to the operating costs of the jet. The parking costs are fixed and can range anywhere from $500 to thousands of dollars per month depending on the airport and hangar you choose. If you already have a hangar, then the cost will be spread out over all the aircraft. This could also be considered a sunk cost if you already have a hangar.

If you are not flying the Cessna Citation M2 yourself, then you will need to hire flight crew members. The Citation M2 is single pilot capable and can be flown with one pilot. This can be a fixed or variable cost, depending on how you compensate your flight crew.

Training costs will also be an expense to look at. Cessna offers training for two pilots and one maintenance engineer at no additional cost to purchasers of a new Citation M2. Every year pilots and crew members may need recurrent training and this will be an additional cost. The cost every year could be around $10,000 to $20,000 USD estimated.

With this information you can do more research and construct a Cessna Citation M2 operating cost formula to get an idea of the costs of operating the Citation M2.