The Cessna Citation M2 interior is a redesign of the Citation CJ1 light jet. The M2 is the new CJ1 and the cabin is one area Cessna focused on. The interior has been updated with a new design and materials. Inside the cabin, the Cessna Citation M2 can seat up 8 people including the pilot. Excluding the pilot the Citation M2 can seat up to 7 passengers, with one passenger siting in the copilot seat. The Citation M2 is single (one) pilot certified, allowing the copilot seat to be used as a passenger seat. In the Citation M2 main cabin, there are 4 individual club style seats with armrests. They are arranged 2 by 2 with a folding table located in between them. There is an optional "jumpseat" that can replace a cabinet that is located at the main entrance. Without the jumpseat, the Cessna Citation M2 can only seat 6 passengers and 1 pilot. At the back of the jet airplane is the lavatory / toilet. It is a flushing toilet and there is no sink in the cabin. The lavatory seat can be used to seat a passenger and has a seat belt installed. In front of the seat is a coat area with a clothing rod. All of these seats allow the Cessna Citation M2 interior to seat up to 7 passengers. An option for the jet is Heads Up Technologies Clarity Wireless media server with Wi-Fi that provides media entertainment. The Cessna Citation M2 cabin also has optional in-flight internet service. Another feature inside the Cessna Citation M2 interior are the two 110 volt AC outlets that can provide 5 amps per outlet. The cabin has options for 6 different interior colors that include Carbon, Citrus, Frost, Mink, Pearl and Raffia. The interior featured below in the photo is the Pearl color option.

Cessna Citation M2 Interior Dimensions

Below are the dimensions of the interior of the light jet.

  • Interior / Cabin Height: 57 inches or 1.45 meters (maximum above center aisle)
  • Cabin Width: 58 inches or 1.47 meters (trim to trim)
  • Cabin Length: 15 feet 9 inches or 4.80 meters (forward pressure bulkhead to aft pressure bulkhead)

Cessna Citation M2 Interior or Cabin Photo

Above Citation M2 cabin photo by Cessna. Used under the fair use provision.

Cessna Citation M2 Interior Features

Below is a list of the features and components of the cabin.

Left Side Cabinet

  • Beverage can storage
  • Ice chest drawer with removable liner connected to an overboard drain
  • Trash container

Right Side Front Divider

  • Half length removable cockpit curtain on the front side of the divider may be drawn across the aisle through an overhead track and secured on the left side refreshment center

Right Side Forward Side Facing Seat With Armrest Storage Cabinet

  • Seat restraint
  • Cupholder & Storage area
  • Storage drawer

Pedestal Seats: Two Back Facing And Two Front Facing (The 4 Main Seats)

  • Forward / back and inboard / outboard tracking on pedestal
  • Adjustable reclining
  • Seat restraint system including seat belt and retracting shoulder harness with inertial reel
  • Single retractable inboard armrest
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Left Side/Right Side executive tables with leather table top inserts
  • Left Side/Right Side side-ledge with cupholder & storage area at each pedestal seat location
  • Left Side Back cabin divider with high gloss paint
  • Right Side Back removable curtain

 Belted and flushing toilet Located on the Left Side, back

  • Seat restraint
  • Toilet tissue storage area
  • Relief tube with overboard drain

Right Side aft carpet covered avionics lowboy cabinet. It houses diagnostics and common PC boards

  • Two 110 volt AC outlets located below Left Side/Right Side executive tables with 5 amp maximum per outlet
  • Cabin overhead containing oxygen mask, air outlet and LED reading light at each passenger seat location and in the aft lavatory area
  • Manual pleated cabin window shades (exposed)
  • Indirect overhead LED lighting
  • High gloss paint cabinetry finish
  • Brushed aluminum hardware finish
  • Foldable threshold carpet assembly
  • Spare threshold carpet assembly
  • Spare center aisle carpet assembly
  • Center aft coat rod
  • Chime unit
  • Fasten seat belt/no smoking and emergency exit signs optional smoking configuration available
  • One insert-able ashtray
  • Fireblocking on all passenger seats

Some may also call the interior of this aircraft the Cessna 525 Interior - Cabin. This is due to the fact that the official model name of the aircraft is "525".