The Cessna Citation M2 light jet is a continuation of the Citation CJ1 platform. As the new CJ1, the M2 has a reasonable fuel burn for a light jet of its size. Its rather fast climb time to 41,000 feet (FL410) of 24 minutes should also help the overall Cessna Citation M2 fuel burn costs. After reviewing some flight test data we have found that the Cessna Citation M2 fuel consumption is around 920 pounds per hour at 34,000 feet with speed at 401 knots. That fuel burn number was posted in a Flying Magazine article about a flight test of the Citation M2. Conditions at the time were ISA+11 (International Standard Atmosphere + 11). At 41,000 feet or flight level 410, the Cessna Citation M2 fuel burn is around 700 pounds per hour at the same speed. At lower altitudes the Cessna Citation M2 fuel burn will increase.

For estimated fuel consumption purposes, using gallons per nautical mile or nautical miles per gallon can be helpful. pounds per hour is commonly used in the aviation industry to calculate fuel burn. It is useful for pilots, however when using it to calculate the Cessna Citation M2 fuel burn for an estimated fuel burn of a trip, gallons per nautical mile is simple. With gallons per nautical mile (gal/nm) you do not need to know the speed of the aircraft to calculate the fuel consumption of a trip. All that is need is the distance of the flight with gal/nm. Multiply gal/nm by the distance to get the estimated Cessna Citation M2 fuel burn.

Below are the gallons per hour numbers converted to gal/nm and nm/gal.

Using US Gallons and 6.7 pounds per gallon as conversion factor.

  • Cessna Citation M2 fuel burn at 34,000 feet: 0.342 gallons per nautical mile or 2.92 nautical miles per gallon.
  • Fuel Burn at 41,000 feet: 0.261 gallons per nautical mile or 3.838 nautical miles per gallon.

Also note that the Citation M2 will burn more fuel at lower altitudes and in different weather conditions. These numbers do not take into account the climb and arrival fuel burn. You may want to add a few points to the above numbers to get a more realistic fuel burn. The best way to get an accurate Cessna Citation M2 fuel burn number is to get the aircraft flight manual or other planning data from Cessna.

Information on this page is estimated data and is not suitable for flight planning purposes.

Cessna Citation M2 Fuel Burn Consumption Page Photo

Above Cessna Citation M2 photo of the first aircraft by Jordan Sangerman on Wikimedia Commons. Modified by FlyRadius. Photo released under a Creative Commons License.