Cessna Citation M2 Cockpit - Flight Deck

The Cessna Citation M2 light jet is a redesign of the Citation CJ1 series jet. One of the main components that were upgraded was the Cessna Citation M2 cockpit or flight deck. Cessna redesigned the entire cockpit of the Citation M2 to make it more updated to today's standards. The main component in the cockpit is the avionics system. The company selected the Garmin G3000 touchscreen avionics suite as the new system for the light jet. Cessna markets this new Garmin avionics system as the Cessna Intrinzic flight deck platform. Even though the Cessna has a special name for the system, it is actually just the Garmin G3000. With the Garmin G3000, the Cessna Citation M2 cockpit is significantly upgraded when compared to the CJ1 and other competing aircraft. The previous Cessna Citation CJ1+ had the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite, which is good suite, however the G3000 is much more advanced.

The Citation M2 flight deck has three 14.1 inch LCD touchscreen displays with two primary flight displays (PFD) and one muti-function display (MFD) that is located in the middle. These screens are the Garmin GDU 1400 and can provide PFD and MFD functions on all screens. Also in the cockpit are two 5.7 inch high-resolution GTC 570 touchscreens that provide control of the radios and navigation. These are like flight management systems (FMS), however they just provide input and output capability for the G3000 avionics suite. As with most Garmin systems today, the Cessna Citation M2 cockpit has synthetic vision technology (SVT) that shows terrain and obstacles on the screens. There is also an additional backup avionic instrument located on the pilot's side at the top. Located on both sides of the Citation M2 cockpit are the circuit breakers and cup holders. There are two cup holders on each side (4 total).

More on the avionics system will be posted on our avionics page for the aircraft.

Cessna Citation M2 Cockpit or Flight Deck Photo

Above Cessna Citation M2 Flight Deck photo by Cessna. Used under the fair use provision.

Below are some of the features that are in the Cessna Citation M2 Cockpit:

Top Center Panel Right Below the Windshield

  • Left and Right Master Caution and Master Warning Lights
  • Left and Right Engine Fire Control Switches
  • Reversionary Mode and Dimming Controls
  • Flight Director and Autopilot Controller Garmin GFC 700
  • Electronic Standby Instrument System
  • Left and Right Display Control Units

Tilt Panel from left to right

  • Pressurization Controls
  • Ice Protection Controls
  • Windshield Anti-ice or Deice Controls
  • Fuel Controls
  • Manual Temperature Controls
  • Landing Gear Control Module
  • Lighting Controls
  • Emergency Communications Switch
  • Event Marker
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder Controller
  • Flight Hour Meter
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) Remote Switch

Instrument Panel from left to right

  • Electrical Power Panel
  • Left Primary Flight Display (PFD)
  • Multi-Function Display (MFD)
  • Right Primary Flight Display (PFD)


  • Two GTC 570 Touchscreen Control Units
  • Engine Start Control
  • Engine Power Levers / Throttles
  • Flap Control Handles
  • Speed Brake Control
  • Elevator Trim Control and Indicator
  • Takeoff / Go-Around Button (TOGA)
  • Rudder Trim Control
  • Aileron Trim Control

Underneath the Instrument Panel

  • Emergency Brake Handle
  • Parking Brake Handle
  • Emergency Gear Release
  • Control Locks
  • Rain Removal levers

Other Items in the Cockpit

  • Magnetic Compass
  • Eye Position Reference Indicator
  • Two Ventilation Air Outlets
  • Oxygen System Control
  • Two Oxygen Masks
  • Parking Brake Control
  • Rain Removal Door Control
  • Control Lock
  • Emergency Brake Control
  • Emergency Gear Extension Control
  • Two Reading Lights
  • Floodlight

Other Flight Deck Features
Two crew seats with:

  • Five-Point Restraint System
  • Stow able Inboard Armrest
  • Forward & Back Tracking Lever
  • Recline Adjustment Lever
  • Height Adjustment Lever
  • Adjustable Lumbar
  • Seat Back Pocket
  • Dual cupholders for each crew seat
  • Single 110 volt AC outlet on copilot (right) sidewall
  • Two swing-arm sun-visors
  • Cockpit assist handle
  • Fire extinguisher

Also note that some may call the cockpit / flight deck the Cessna 525 cockpit - flight deck, because 525 is the official model name for the aircraft.