The team has selected the following Bombardier Q400 Videos that showcase the turboprop aircraft. These are some of the best videos of the Q400 aircraft that we could find. The videos are all located in the playlist below. Descriptions of the Q400 videos are located below the player, allowing you to get an idea of the video is about. Mobile users may need to turn their screen to landscape mode to see the full playlist.

Video #1: This is good video from Bombardier showing the seating configurations for the Q400. It showcases the flexibility in configuring the Q400. It also shows the Bombardier Q400 Combi Cargo configuration, which is a new feature from Bombardier. This is a nice video see an overview of the seating arrangements and the interior of the Q400.

Q400 Video #2: Assembly of the WestJet Bombardier Q400. This video quickly shows (5 minutes 21 seconds) the assembly process of a Q400 at Bombardier's Toronto facility. The specific video is posted on WestJet's account and shows the manufacturing process in high definition. This is great video to see a Bombardier Q400 turboprop being built.

Video #3: This is a Q Series / Dash 8 series history timeline movie that shows the history of the program up to the Q400. The video shows an overview of the program and you can learn how the Q400 came about.

Video #4: This is a quick 43 second video that gives an overview on the AVNS (Active Noise and Vibration Suppression System) that helps keep the Q400's cabin quit.

Video #5: This video is an older Q400 NextGen video that goes over some of the important features of the aircraft. This is a great video to see what Bombardier is focusing on in the Bombardier Q400 program.

Video #6: This video shows Bombardier flying the Q400 to the Paris Air Show in 2013. This is good video to see the cockpit of the Q400 and interior.

Video #7: This video shows some of the routine maintenance performed on the Q400 turboprop. The Bombardier Q400 featured in this video is an AirBaltic Q400. The movie gives an up close view on some of the components on the turboprop.

Video #8: This is a trip report video by AustrianA330 of an Austrian Q400 flight operated by Tyrolen. It gives a good overview on the boarding process and views in the cabin / interior of the airplane.

Video #9: This is an in cockpit video of multiple Q400 flights, which look to be in Europe. This is a nice pilot's view video of the Q400.

Other Names for Bombardier Q400 Videos
There are other names for Bombardier Q400 videos. The aircraft has other names due to changes in the name for the airplane and other names that are used for other purposes. Here are the other "names":

  • Bombardier Q400 NextGen Videos: This name reffers to the NextGen version of the turboprop airplane that was introduced in the late 2000's
  • Bombardier DH4 videos: "DH4" is the Q400 turboprops IATA code that is used primarily by airlines to identify the aircraft.
  • Bombardier DH8D videos: "DH8D" is the ICAO code for the airplane and is used by airlines, air traffic control and others. To find our more about this name visit the DH8D page.
  • De Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 videos: This is the model name for the turboprop. De Havilland was the previous division of Bombardier that built the aircraft. The De Havilland name is no longer used in marketing by Bombardier, so it is called the Bombardier DHC-8-400 videos. DHC-8-400 is the official model name for the turboprop that is used by aviation regulators to identify the aircraft.
  • De Havilland Dash-8-400 videos: the Dash-8-400 name is the name that was previously given to the aircraft by Bombardier. The Q400 was apart of the Dash-8 series program of turboprops. Bombardier then decided to change the name of those aircraft to the Q series turboprops and the Dash-8-400 became the Bombardier Q400. More on the Dash-8-400 name is found on that page.