Bombardier Q400 Type Rating

Bombardier Q400 Type Rating

The Bombardier Q400 Type Rating is offered by many different companies. The main Bombardier Q400 Type Rating is offered by FlightSafety in partnership with Bombardier Aerospace as the recommended and primary Bombardier Q400 type rating provider. Most of the Bombardier Q400 type rating training is done at FlightSafety's facility in Toronto, Canada near the Bombardier facilities at the Toronto Downsview Airport. FlightSafety offers all the different Q400 type rating courses available today. The Q400 type rating simulator training is done on Bombardier Q400 Simulators, which FlightSafety owns. FlightSafety has two Bombardier Q400 simulators (Main simulator - FAA Simulator ID 676) which has Full FAA Level D Simulator Certification, for the Bombardier Q400 Type Rating at Toronto. FlightSafety also has other Bombardier Q400 simulators at Seattle and St. Louis. The Bombardier Q400 Flight Simulator at FlightSafety is also certified by the UKCAA (United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority Sim ID# FS328Z), Transport Canada (Sim ID 356) and DGAC (France - Sim ID 676).

Bombardier Q400 Type Rating at CAE

CAE has also recently released their own Bombardier Q400 Type Rating Program in Toronto this year (2011). The Simulators for the Bombardier Q400 Type Rating at CAE are built by CAE and are the CAE 5000 Series simulators. CAE is also one of the main Bombardier Q400 Simulator manufacturers.

Bombardier Q400 Type Rating - Outside North America:

One of the main Bombardier Q400 Type Rating providers in Europe is InterCockpit (Owned by Lufthansa). They offer the full Bombardier Q400 Type Rating course.

The course includes:

  • Course introduction 4 hours
  • CBT self study 72 hours
  • Dash 8 Q400 performance 4 hours
  • Aircraft system Question & Answer session 4 hours
  • Ground course knowledge test 2 hours
  • Briefing time during FFS sessions 11 hours
  • Total: 97 hours
  • 9 Type Rating lessons 36 hours
  • 1 LOFT session 4 hours
  • 1 Type Rating skill test 4 hours
  • Total: 44 hours - 30 Days for the Total Bombardier Q400 Type Rating at InterCockpit

The Bombardier Q400 Type Rating Cost - Price is 17,900 EUR (Euros) or $24,154.07 USD (United States Dollars - as of 9/25/2011) for the InterCockpit Bombardier Q400 Type Rating.

Other Bombardier Q400 Type Rating Providers:

There are also many other Bombardier Q400 Type Rating providers around the world including: Air Baltic, Oxford Aviation Academy at Stockholm and the Bombardier Q400 Operators who usually certify their flight crews. Expect the Bombardier Q400 Type Rating Price - Cost to be around $20,000 USD - United States Dollars.

Bombardier Q400 Type Rating Page Photo

Above Bombardier Q400 Type Rating Photo by Aleksandrs Samuilovs on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.

To learn more about the Bombardier Q400 Turboprop Aircraft visit the other pages on our website.

Data from FlightSafety, CAE and InterCockpit.

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