The Bombardier Q400 specifications and dimensions information listed here is from various data sources including information published by the manufacturer (Bombardier) and data posted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Our team has researched the most important data sources to compile a complete overview of the specifications for the aircraft. The dimensions and specifications on this page also apply to the De Havilland Dash-8-400, Bombardier DH4, Bombardier DH8D, and the De Havilland Canada DHC-8-400. Those aircraft are actually different names for the Bombardier Q400 turboprop. In addition, the specifications below also apply to the Bombardier Q400 NextGen, which is just an upgraded interior version of the turboprop.

Overview on the Covered Specs

This article covers the following specifications for the Q400 turboprop, in the following order, passenger capacity, exterior dimensions, interior dimensions, cargo capacity, performance with range, speed, max speed and cruise speed, airspeed limits, takeoff and landing field lengths (runway lengths), maximum takeoff and landing weights, maximum zero fuel and operating weights, maximum payload, maximum operating altitude or service ceiling, fuel types and capacities. Information on the propellers and engines on the aircraft are also provided at the end of the article.

Bombardier Q400 Passengers:

  • Up to 96 persons with proper certification / configuration. 90 passengers total with 6 crew members. Two pilots, 1 check pilot and up to 3 flight attendants. The 90 seat version was certified by Transport Canada on August 1st, 2018. Previously, Bombardier had an 80 seat version of the Q400 that was introduced by the company in 2014 and first used by Nok Air of Thailand. The aircraft has seen its seat count increase from the 70 seat range to the 90 seat version (2018). SpiceJet was the first airline to operate the 90 seat version of the turboprop.

Bombardier Q400 Dimensions

Length: 107 feet 9 in or 32.8 meters 
Wing Area: 689 square feet or 64 square meters
WingSpan:  93 feet 3 inches or 28.4 meters
Fuselage Diameter: 8 feet 10 inches or 2.7 meters (maximum)
Height: 27 feet 5 inches or 8.4 meters

Interior Dimensions

  • Maximum wall to wall interior length: 98.8 inches or 2.51 meters
  • Interior height: 76.7 inches or 1.95 meters
  • Interior floor width: 79.9 inches or 2.03 meters
  • For more on the Bombardier Q400 Interior Dimensions visit the Bombardier Q400 Interior Page.

A Photo of a Luxair Bombardier Q400 With the Dimensions and Specifications Shown on the Aircraft

Above is a Bombardier Q400 dimensions photo (part of the specifications). The dimensions of the aircraft are highlighted on the photo of a Luxair Bombardier Q400 turboprop (LX-LGG). The original photo was by Anna Zvereva on Flickr and Wikimedia Commons. FlyRadius has added the dimensions to the photo, while also also enhancing the quality of the photo. The above Q400 photo is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Q400 Cargo Capacity:

  • Cargo Volume: 502 cubic feet or 14.2 cubic meters
  • Cargo Weight: 4,710 lb (pounds) or 2,136 kg (kilograms)

Bombardier Q400 Specifications - Porter Airlines Bombardier Q400

Above Bombardier Q400 Specifications and Dimensions Page Photo of a Porter Q400 by BriYYZ on Flickr. Photo (Only) released under a Creative Commons License.


  • Nextgen Version Range: 1,014 nm (nautical miles), 1,167 sm (Statue Miles), 1,878 km (Kilometers)
  • Enhanced High Gross Weight (EHGW) Range: 1,526 nm (nautical miles), 1,756 sm (statue miles) or 2,826 km (kilometers)

For more details on the Bombardier Q400 Specifications on Range visit our Bombardier Q400 Range page.


  • Max Cruise Speed: 360 kts (knots), 414 mph, 667 km/h (Kilometers per Hour)
  • High Speed Cruise: 349 kts (knots), 402 mph, 646 km/h (Kilometers per Hour)
  • Long Range Cruise Speed: 287 kts (knots), 330 mph, 532 km/h (Kilometers per Hour)

Airspeed Limits – V Speeds: (IAS)
Vmo – Maximum Operating Speed:

Altitude (Up to) Knots MPH - Miles Per Hour
0 to 8,000 Feet 245 282
10,000 Feet 282 325
18,000 Feet 286 329
20,000 Feet 275 316
25,000 Feet 248 285


 Vfe - Flaps Extended Speeds:

Flaps Knots MPH - Miles Per Hour
Flaps 5° 200 230
Flaps 10° 181 208
Flaps 15° 172 198
Flaps 35° 158 182


  • VA Maneuvering: 204 Knots, 235 mph
  • VLO - Landing Gear Operation Speed: 200 Knots, 230 mph
  • VLE - Landing Gear Extended: 215 Knots, 247 mph
  • VB Rough Air: 210 Knots, 242 mph
  • Landing Gear Door Open Operative Speed (Maximum Speed for operation following an alternate landing gear extension): 185 Knots, 213 mph

VMCA - Minimum Control Speed:

Flaps Knots MPH - Miles Per Hour
Flaps 15° 91 105
Flaps 10° 95 109
Flaps 5° 98 113
Flaps 0° 113 130


Takeoff Field Length: (ISA, SL, MTOW, EHGW): 4819 ft or 1,468 meters

Landing Field Length: (ISA, SL, MTOW, EHGW): 4,232 ft or 1,290 meters

Maximum Takeoff Weights:

  • Basic: 61,700 lb or 27,987 kg
  • Intermediate: 63,930 lb or 28,998 kg
  • High: 64,500 lb or 29,257 kg
  • Enhanced: 65,200 lb or 29,574 kg

Maximum Landing Weights:

  • Basic: 60,500 lb or 27,442 kg
  • Intermediate: 61,750 lb or 28,009 kg
  • High: 61,750 lb or 28,009 kg
  • Enhanced: 62,000 lb or 28,123 kg

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight:

  • Basic: 55,500 lb or 25,174 kg
  • Intermediate: 57,000 lb or 25,855 kg
  • High: 57,000 lb or 25,855 kg
  • Enhanced: 58,000 lb or 26,308 kg

Operating Weight Empty: 39,284 lb or 17,819 kg

Maximum Payload:

  • Basic: 16,216 lb or 7,356 kg
  • Intermediate: 17,716 lb or 8,036 kg
  • High: 17,716 lb or 8,036 kg
  • Enhanced: 18,716 lb or 8,490 kg

Maximum Operating Altitude: 27,000 feet (In Flight). Originally was 25,000 Feet/Changed sometime in 2013 to 2015. Max 10,000 Feet for Landing and Takeoff.

Kerosene Type:

  • ASTM D1655 JET A, ASTM D1655 JET A1 (Jet A or Jet A1)
  • MIL-DTL-5624 JP-5, MIL-T-83133 JP-8

Wide Cut Type:

  • ASTM D1655 JET B, MIL-DTL-5624 JP-4

Fuel Capacity (Useable): 1,724 US Gallons or 11,724 Pounds.

Specifications - Engines: 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150A turboprop engines. Visit our PW150A - Bombardier Q400 Engine page for Q400 Engine specifications.

Specifications - Propellers: Visit our Dowty R408 - Bombardier Q400 Propeller page for more details and Bombardier Q400 Propeller Specifications.

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Other "Names" For The Bombardier Q400 Specifications - Dimensions

The Bombardier Q400 turboprop is also known as the following:

  • De Havilland Dash-8-400 Specifications - Dimensions: This is the original name for the regional turboprop aircraft. More on this name can be found on the Dash-8-400 page.
  • Bombardier DH4 Specifications - Dimensions: DH4 is the IATA code for the aircraft. More info on the Q400 IATA code is found here.
  • Bombardier DH8D Specifications - Dimensions: DH8D is the Q400's ICAO code that is used by companies and regulators to identify the aircraft. The learn more about the code visit the DH8D aircraft page.
  • De Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Specifications - Dimensions: DHC-8-400 is the official model name for the aircraft. More information is found on this page.