The Bombardier Q400 seating all depends on the way the airline decides to configure the Bombardier Q400 Seating Plan. The Bombardier Q400 seating amount is usually from 68 - 76 passengers. The Q400 seating plan can have a max of 86 seats, as certified by aviation agencies around the world. This was recently increased in 2014 from 80 seats, as Bombardier shrunk the rear cargo space to allow 86 seats on certain Q400s. The Q400 turboprop seat pitch varies from 29 - 35 inches based on the number of seats. Bombardier Q400 seat pitch is measured from one point on a seat to the same point on the seat in front of it. Regular Bombardier Q400 seating is configured in a 2 by 2 setup with two seats side by side on each side of the airplane. A Bombardier Q400 First Class configuration is setup in a 1 by 2 configuration.

Bombardier Q400 Seating Plan Examples:

The Bombardier Q400 seating plan for 70 seats leaves customers with around 34 inches of seat pitch. Porter Airlines' Bombardier Q400 Seating Plan is at 70 seats in a one class configuration. The Bombardier Q400 Seating plan for Republic - United Express, formerly operated under Continental Connection, uses a 74 seat Bombardier Q400 seating configuration giving customers a seat pitch of 32 inches, except in rows 19 and 20 where it is 31 inches. United Airlines - United Express has changed their Bombardier Q400 seating plan to a two class configuration. This will brings them down to 65 seats in the aircraft. Alaska Airlines - Horizon Air's Bombardier Q400 seating plan has the turboprop seating 76 passengers. This Q400 seating configuration gives customers a seat pitch of only 30 - 31 inches, making Alaska Airlines - Horizon Air to have the shortest Bombardier Q400 seat pitch in North America. Formerly, Frontier Airlines - Lynx Aviation operated the Bombardier Q400, which had a 70 seat configuration that they said has a 30 inch seat pitch, however in this configuration the seat pitch should be around 33-34 inches. Lynx Aviation was shut down after Republic sold Frontier and they stopped flying the Q400. Lastly, Air Canada Express operates two different kinds of Bombardier Q400 seating plans. The first seating configuration is operated by Sky Regional and includes 70 seats at a 34 inch seat pitch. The second Q400 seating plan is operated by Jazz and has 74 seats at 31 inch seat pitch.

The 86 Seat Q400
On August 27, 2014, Nok Air in Thailand became the first airlines to take delivery of the 86 seat Bombardier Q400. They are now the first operator of the 86 passenger Q400 turboprop. Bombardier Aerospace was able to fit more seats in the Q400 by reducing the rear cargo capacity, removing closet located in the front and by reducing the seat pitch to 29 inches. 29 inches is one the shortest seat pitches among commercial aircraft.

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Bombardier Q400 Seating Plan Examples

Above image is a Bombardier Q400 Seating Plan example

Bombardier Q400 Seating Photo

Above Bombardier Q400 Seating by Anirudh Emani on Wikimedia Commons. Photo (only) released under a Creative Commons License.