Bombardier Q400 Propeller - Dowty R408

The Bombardier Q400 Propeller is an all composite blade propeller built by Dowty Propellers a GE Aviation company. The Bombardier Q400 Propeller is designated as the Dowty R408 propeller. The Bombardier Q400 Propeller has 6 blades with an advanced swept blade design.

Bombardier Q400 Propeller Advanced swept blade design has:

  • Optimized ARAD-A aerofoil sections
  • Excellent climb and cruise performance
  • Very low noise levels

Overall the Dowty R408 Propeller helps the Q400 achieve the performance and low noise levels it is famous for.

Here is some information from Dowty on the R408 Propeller for the Bombardier Q400

Bombardier Q400 Propeller Dowty R408 High integrity all-composite blades has:

  • Low weight
  • Service proven, rugged construction
  • Unmatched 25 year record of operational safety and reliability
  • Highly effective erosion protection system

Bombardier Q400 Propeller Fail-safe electronic control system:

  • Precise speed selection and synchrophasing accuracy
  • Counterweighted blades assure safe coarse-seeking operation
  • Dual lever cockpit control

Bombardier Q400 Propeller Dowty R408 Low maintenance costs:

  • Modular configuration
  • No mechanical linkages to cockpit
  • One piece hub with individual blade replacement
  • Low parts count

Bombardier Q400 Propeller Items on the Q400 turboprop aircraft:

  • Dowty R408 Propeller and backplate
  • Overspeed governor
  • Pitch control unit
  • Auxiliary pump
  • Spinner
  • De-icier timer
  • Beta tube assembly
  • Brush block bracket assembly
  • Dowty R408 Propeller electronic controller

Bombardier Q400 Propeller data:

  • Model: Dowty R408
  • Diameter: 13.5ft (4.1m)
  • Activity factor: 103.5 per blade
  • Tip sweep: 18 degrees
  • Aerofoil section: Modified ARAD-A
  • Speed control: +-1rpm of selected rpm
  • Max rpm: 1020
  • Cruise rpm: 850
  • Phase control: +- 1 Degrees

Bombardier Q400 Propeller The Dowty R408 Photo

Above Bombardier Q400 Propeller Dowty R408 Photo from Dtom on Wikimedia Commons.

Q400 – Dowty R408 Propeller Specifications and Dimensions


Officially the Dowty R408 propeller's name is the Dowty (c)R408/6-123-F/17. It was originally certified by the British Civil Aviation Authority (UKCAA) and then validated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to achieve United States certification. On September 28th, 2003 the European Safety Agency (EASA) took over oversight of the product.

The Q400 propeller was certified on July 29th, 1999

Dowty (c)R408/6-123-F/17 Dimensions:

  • Nominal Diameter: 162 inches
  • Approximate Weight: 555 pounds (lbs)

Maximum Continuous Operation:

  • 5,071 Shaft Horsepower (SHP)
  • 1,020 RPM