The Bombardier Q400 price for a new Bombardier Q400 turboprop aircraft is approximately $33.5 million Dollars (USD) ($33,500,000) at "list prices" in 2014. Previously we reported a range $20-$27 Million Dollars (USD). The Bombardier Q400 pricing depends on the options and configuration of the De Havilland Dash-8-400 aircraft (Bombardier Q400). Most airlines get a discount from the list price when they place an order for the turboprop airplane. The Q400 price is most likely in the $20 to 27 million dollar range because of this factor.

Used Bombardier Q400 Price
In the used Q400 aircraft market, pricing is mostly hidden by companies. Used Bombardier Q400 prices are usually $20 million dollars or less depending on the year built and the condition of the Bombardier Q400 aircraft. The used Bombardier Q400's are harder to gauge because pricing can vary based on aircraft condition and demand for used commercial turboprops.

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Bombardier Q400 Price Page Photo

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For Reference: The Q400 is also known as the De Havilland Dash-8-400, DH4 , DH8D, De Havilland DHC-8-400 and the De Havilland Canada Dash-8-400.