The Bombardier Q400 landing gear was manufactured by Goodrich with ATA (Air Transport Association) Chapter 32 integrated Q400 landing gear systems. All De Havilland Dash-8, Bombardier Q-Series landing gears were created by Goodrich. In 2012 Goodrich merged with United Technologies and became part of a new division called UTC Aerospace Systems. Thus, the landing gear is now built by UTC Aerospace Systems. The Bombardier Q400's landing gear is located underneath the engines mounted on the wings and one in front of the plane. The main Q400 landing gears are housed inside the engine compartment / cowling. The front Bombardier Q400 landing gear is fully steer able by a nose wheel control in the Bombardier Q400 cockpit. The nose wheel of the Bombardier Q400 landing gear is steered by a hydraulic system. Each main wheel on the Bombardier Q400 landing gear has anti-skid brakes which are powered by hydraulics. The Backup hydraulic system powering the Q400's landing gear is powered by a Power Transfer Unit (PTU). Advisory lights show position of landing gears and doors of the DeHavilland Dash-8-400 and a Proximity Sensor Electronics Unit (PSEU) controls and monitors the Bombardier Q400 landing gear components.

Bombardier Q400 Landing Gear Problems

The Bombardier Q400 landing gear problems mostly occurred outside the United States. Bombardier and Goodrich determined that some Q400 landing gears were not fully extending do to an rubber o-ring getting stuck in an actuator or actuator erosion, that was not discovered during regular inspections by some airlines. Bombardier and Goodrich developed a fix for this and the issue was resolved quickly. For more information on the Bombardier Q400 landing gear problems see the Bombardier Q400 Safety Record article. For more information on the Bombardier Q400 - Dash-8-400 turboprop aircraft visit the other Q400 pages on our site.

The Air Canada Express Bombardier Q400 Landing at The Toronto Pearson Airport

Above Image of the Air Canada Bombardier Q400 Landing at Toronto Pearson Airport - CYYZ By BriYYZ on Flickr. First Image released under a Creative Commons License.

Bombardier Q400 Landing Gear Landing at Toronto City Center Airport

Second image of a Bombardier Q400 Landing Gear by designwallah on Flickr. Second Image Released under a Creative Commons License.